5 Minute Garlic Asparagus Sauté – Kid Friendly for the Busy Family

asparagus  Let this 5 minute garlic asparagus saute save your dinner time stress! Sneaking in additional veggies can be a tough task if you have a picky toddler on your hands but this easy meal is so tasty that all of your family will be asking you to double the batch!

This is a super easy and tasty dish that even the busiest of parents can whip up in a pinch! You only need 6 ingredients! You can also adjust this to your specific dietary needs and still have a tasty and healthy outcome.

I will link all ingredients at the bottom of this post just incase you can’t find something specific in your area and want to give it a try.

You Will Need:

  • Asparagus (canned or fresh will work)
  • Coconut oil
  • Earth Balance – whipped buttery spread
  • garlic (minced or crushed)
  • pepper
  • picolos onion (bulb onion)

* some prefer to use olive oil in place of coconut oil and that would work as well but for optimum health benefits we have chosen to use a small amount of coconut oil, omitted salt, and kept with a minimum amount of vegan friendly buttery spread.

Prep Time:

  1. First, wash and prepare the asparagus. I have used canned Delmonte brand asparagus spears in the preparation for this post as currently our local markets near Tokyo do not have the best asparagus in stock at this time. ( I would prefer fresh but the canned will do just fine. I find that the canned asparagus is also a good solution for those with busy schedules and do not necessarily want to meal plan or prep as it keeps your asparagus from going bad.)
  2.  Get your onion prepared. I used Picolos onions. They are easy to peel and quick to cook.
  3. Heat a skillet with oil . This takes about 30 seconds. Medium heat will be fine.
  4. Add asparagus
  5. add 5ml of crushed or minced garlic (we added 10ml but we are garlic crazy, may be too much for most kids!)
  6. if you are adding vegan butter spread you can add 5 ml (depending on your preference of buttery taste)
  7. add ground pepper. a few turns of the pepper grinder will suffice. (we love pepper so we go overboard, but thats not for all children!)

Stir the asparagus around as it cooks. Turn your heat down if it seems to begin to stick. I use long cooking chop sticks. (Sometimes I even add a small bit of water to help the asparagus steam if I have not used an adequate amount of oil. That is always on those days where I am on a health kick! ha!) Once the asparagus turns limp and soft it is done.

Some people decide that the asparagus is done when the green changes colors. I have found that this is not necessarily reliable depending on the brand or type of asparagus.

Sometimes when it is finished I top it off with some cherry tomatoes cut in half. It makes the dish more colorful and adds some extra veggies for kids. My toddler is more willing to scarf this down with the tomatos … because recently she is into the tomato from Veggie Tales.

Happy Dinner Time to you all!

Get the Products used:

Delmonte Asparagus

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Jar of Crushed Garlic

Assorted Pearl Onion (picolos only could not be found to be shipped on the web. Should work just fine.)

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