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The best baby diapers I have ever used have been the Moony brand. I seriously love them so much that I have considered mailing them to friends and family with babies back in the United States. I have also secretly thought of taking a truckload of them with me when we return to the United States just so we can give them as gifts at baby showers and such in the future. I know it sounds totally absurd but I seriously, seeerrrriously have. I have a few reasons why they are the best for us. We have used and compared many of the brands found in the U.S. as well as a few different options available here locally in the Tokyo area.

  1. Cost РAlthough there are some brands that are cheaper (Mamy Poko is less expensive and possibly the same company, but I am not positive about this) I feel that the Moony diapers are the BEST price for the number of diapers per pack and for the quality. In my opinion they are very reasonably priced the toddler size large pack is around 1200 yen for 54large size diapers or 84 small size. When we first moved to Japan I was really surprised at the price difference between a box of Pampers or Huggies vs  almost any Japanese brand. Japanese brands were almost ALWAYS much less expensive. And I am all about saving a few bucks if the quality is comparable.
  2. No tape on the legs – Moony diapers have no sticky tape to fasten them. I always had issues with grandparents and daycares putting the diaper tape really tight on my oldest child. I assume this was to make sure there were no leaks around the edges or the legs or the top of the diapers. Sometimes when I would try a different brand the tape would leave a rash on my oldest Childs legs. My youngest child has the same issue with allergic reactions from tapes on the skin. Babies are sensitive! Moony diapers have no tape on the legs. They are made really similar to pull ups. The waist band is flexible and snug but not super tight like a bungee feeling elastic. the legs and a stretch elastic bossier near the leg with an extra little ridge to prevent leaks also. We have not had any problems with leaks up the back or around the legs with these from small baby size all the way up to potty training toddler. Moms hate diaper leaks. We have been spared from this right of passage into potty training land. Thank. The. Lord.
  3. Wetness Indicator – Just as many of the brands we were used to in the states the Moony diapers have a wet indicator. There is a double line that will turn blue when the diaper is wet. The line extends farther than diapers I have used previously so it is still easy to do a wet check. I find that these diapers don’t blur up really huge when they are wet unless if they are truly soaked so its nice to have the blue indicator because you can’t always tell by just looking or even feeling the seat of the diaper. We also use these overnight and have never had an issue with nighttime leaks. I do remember this being a problem with American style diapers and we ended up having to buy expensive special “night time” diapers. Moony diapers have solved that issue.
  4. Style РThere are different versions for the girl style and the boy style. I think this helps with the extra absorption  in the right areas of the diaper. The girls version currently has Winnie The Pooh designs but I am not sure what is currently on the boys diapers. They might change the design but I have no idea. I also have no idea how truly different the girls and boys versions are but they are packaged separately. Both the boys and the girls version seem to look like a little sumo outfit (aka Mawashi).
  5. Easy Clean-up – Moony diapers do have a small strip of tape that is on the back. to remove the diaper you can pull the side apart (so as not to have to slide a dirty diaper down the legs for big messes) and then you simply roll the diaper up into itself and then pull the tape tab. This sticks the rolled up diaper together so that you can easily discard it without a hassle. The tape is stuck onto itself on the back so that it expands when pulled and your child will not have the chance of getting tape stuck to their back or legs. It works great.

There are other Japanese brands that are probably comparable. Possibly you can buy them in bulk somewhere but I have yet to see that here in our area of Tokyo. We buy ours from the local supermarket but it is possible you could get them cheaper from somewhere else. I like the brand and would recommend them for having good durability along with a good price. If you are in the US they are a bit more expensive but you can try them out by clicking here.


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