Review: Handwriting Without Tears Cursive Success Edition

The great thing about homeschooling is that you have the freedom to change and adjust any part of your curriculum at any moment. For my older student who has been working on cursive for sometime…. IT WAS NOT HAPPENING! My Oldest student catches on to new lessons quickly is a very adaptable kid but it easily distracted. I mean the type who will see a bird fly past the window and then you have lost him! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know his handwriting ability. He is very artistic and has good overall penmanship – WHEN HE TRIES! However, if he is not in the mood for handwriting lord help you! Our struggle with cursive has been especially frustrating as one of the perks of homeschool is that my child will get to spend time on cursive. Our previous public district was no longer going to teach or require students to write in cursive (or even learn it for that matter). I wanted my student to be able to read original historical documents, old letters, and original family history as it was written. I was worried that we were not going to be successful at this task in this year of schooling and was close to shelving this idea for another school year or two…luckily we didn’t!Read moreโ€ฆ

We have previously been using a different work book throughout last summer and fall. I felt like he was still struggling to read others cursive when most of it should have been easily recognizable. In February we made a change to Handwriting Without Tears. We have had an immediate improvement. I think this book is completely a winner. Normally I wouldn’t want to write a review on a product that We haven’t used for a long amount of time but we also had success with another book of handwriting without tears during the kindergarten year of schooling. So even though this is our first year using the cursive edition, it will be our second year of using this program overall.

The cursive success edition is a better fit for students as it has smaller spaced lines than many cursive handwriting books. For an older student who is ready to complete cursive it seems more natural and less daunting to fill a smaller lined space in the work book. With out previous workbook my student was really struggling to form the letters correctly as the space between top and bottom lines to hit was just to large. Handwriting without tears decreases the space and this is a better fit for an older student. The overall amount of space to fill with letter formation is less as well. I noticed that my student felt an accomplishment at filling the requirements on the page instead of feeling that a failure for not filling an entire huge page of blank lines. The book is not set up to break their hand! It is an easy exercise that is definitely more enjoyable than we have experienced with other cursive workbooks.

This book gets students feeling motivated by immediately giving them entire words. They can start off the exercise by practicing the letter and tracing the formation. Then on the same page there are a few easy to write words. Previously we were doing many pages of a single letter and completing the entire alphabet before moving on to connecting some letters and writing entire words. This daunting process left my older student feeling like his lessons were “babyish” now he is able to show off his quickly – and neatly completed page.

As you move into the book farther there are short games to play as you write. There are also some history facts and even some pages that have your copy work relating to capital cities, famous quotes, and even some grammar thrown in. By the end of the book you child will be able to translate from cursive to print and read cursive with confidence. I am really happy that finally we have found a solution to our cursive dilemma!

If you have a student that is ready for cursive or just sick of their current handwriting program give it a try. We bought our copy off of Amazon for a good deal and the shipping to our overseas location was quick. You can also find the book at or click the Amazon link here. There is also a version with a teacher’s guide. I do not think that is totally necessary. Just save yourself some money and follow this prompt in the book. It will explain anything your child needs to do. Simple instructions throughout the text so no worries for the homeschool newbie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have experience with this book leave a comment on how it worked out for you below. Maybe it will help out others!

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